Newly Designed Student Dashboard in EasyBridge

The Savvas product team is pleased to share that students have a newly designed class dashboard in EasyBridge. The new look is designed to be more cohesive and streamlined, allowing for easier access to programs and curriculum. Students can also view classes imported from Google Classroom by their teachers. These are identified with the Google Classroom icon to the left of the class name in EasyBridge. Take a look at the release notes to learn more.

More Administrator Tools to Help Simplify User Management

Teams are pleased to share that EasyBridge administrators have a new tab to search for users more effectively. The Manage Accounts tab on the Users page provides search features that return an individual account, or a group of users, depending on the criteria selected. Administrators can select a specific user that takes them to the User Details page, providing critical information for troubleshooting and account information.

Login to and take a look!

Admin tools to help troubleshoot Google Classroom Linking

Administrators in auto-rostered (EasyBridge Plus) districts that also use Google Classroom can now filter by, view, and manage class and student account linking directly on the Classes and Class Details pages in EasyBridge. Features include the following:

  • Quickly Filter and Search by Auto Rostered classes + Only Show Linked Google Classes.
  • Find and select class marked with a link symbol indicating the class in  is linked to a corresponding Google Classroom class.
  • View Connected class information
  • Disconnect the linked class
  • View Connection History
  • Verify and manage current and historical Google accounts linking for a class and unlink if needed

Login to and take a look!

Google Classroom Linking for EasyBridge Plus Districts

EasyBridge auto-rostered districts (EasyBridge Plus) now have the ability to link classes across Google Classroom and EasyBridge to avoid duplicate classes. Students can link their Google and Realize accounts to ensure they have a single identity, avoiding duplicate accounts.

  • Teachers in auto rostered districts (EasyBridge Plus) will be able to link a Google Classroom class to an existing Realize class that has already been added from EasyBridge to avoid duplicates.
  • All students in auto rostered districts (EasyBridge Plus) using Google Classroom will be prompted to link their district login to their Google Classroom account. This process eliminates the creation of duplicate student accounts and will also eliminate duplicate classes and the need to hide them in Realize.

This feature is enabled by default for EasyBridge Plus districts, and disabled by default for EasyBridge Auto districts. Contact Savvas Support if your district needs this setting changed. EasyBridge Basic (manually rostered) districts are unaffected by this change when using Google Classroom.

New Administrator Features in EasyBridge for New Year Rollover

New Year Rollover Configurations for ADMINISTRATORS (in non integrated districts only)

District administrators have the ability to select one of eight dates, ranging from June 25th to August 13th, on which their district’s new year rollover will take place. If no date is selected, the default date of July 9th will be used for the district new year rollover.

Filter Option for All Administrators

Administrators can filter on classes that have been opted out of new year rollover by a teacher. by checking a box on the Classes page. This allows administrators to quickly assess the impact of new year rollover as it relates to summer school.

These new features complete the 2021 New Year Rollover product enhancements for EasyBridge administrators. To learn more about these new features in EasyBridge and others, go to the Release Notes.

eText is now Realize Reader in EasyBridge!

Product teams are pleased to share that your eText replaced by Realize Reader is now automatically available via EasyBridge. There are no interruptions to your access. You can expect the same content embedded in a slightly different tool to help you and your students interface better with the text. Go to the Release Notes to learn more, or click here to read about Realize Reader.

August Updates for EasyBridge!

New features are now available for EasyBridge!

  • Sign In Assistance for Savvas Programs – Need more direction for where to sign in to access your programs? Click the Assistance with Savvas Sign In link on the Savvas sign in page. Additional information appears on the screen that directs you to resources to help.
  • Context Sensitive Help for EasyBridge Administrators – Looking for help at your fingertips? Look no further than the Get Help For This Page link in EasyBridge. Contextual help is now available for EasyBridge administrators.
  • Hiding Classes in Realize – Classes hidden in Realize also hide the class in EasyBridge, unless it is also associated with products outside of Realize.

For more details, please see the EasyBridge Release Notes.

Time Savings Updates Now Available for EasyBridge Administrators!

EasyBridge Administrators have new time savings additions when using the automated admin account request form and the automated teacher self-registration form. Below is a list of changes you can look for!

Email enhancements associated with automated admin account request 

  • Admins will no longer receive duplicate emails when new admins are added
  • School or district name will display in the emails
  • Admins added with the assistance of Savvas Support will have Savvas Support in the “added by” column.

Pre-populated field for TSR invite from admin

Teachers who are invited to complete teacher self-registration by their administrators will no longer need to search for their school. This field is pre-populated in the invitation from the administrator.

See the EasyBridge Release Notes to learn more!